Anwesha Clinic West Bengal Medical Help For Between 10-19 age Group People

Anwesha Clinic West Bengal Medical Help For Between 10-19 age Group People; The main purpose of the Anwesha Clinic is to develop nutrition and safe maternity, mental and physical problems, cancer, diabetes, respiratory and cardiovascular and social behavior and treatment to support violence and treatment. given below more details....

Anwesha Clinic Scheme

school students and still not enrolled and married/unmarried adolescents between te age group 10 - 19 of the villages and cities.

Health and nutrition are of utmost importance for the adolescents. Anwesha is an adolescent- friendly health center. This clinic would be tool for the empowerment of the adolescents and act as a nodal point.  Local people has an important role to play in this programme. Celebrating quarterly Adolescent Health Day, distributing IFA tablets regularly etc are a part of this programme. Mutual interaction among the adolescents regarding health issues, improving social awareness regarding inculcating healthy habits are an integral part of the programme

Anwasha Clinic, Block Primary Health Center

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