CORONAVIRUS DISEASE (COVID-19); Also known as the Corona Virus - has recently dominated the media headlines. The virus is spreading rapidly in various parts of Asia and beyond. As a general precaution, you can reduce the risk of transmission and spread of the virus. The corona virus is spreading at an alarming rate. It is important to take all measures necessary to prevent this. We do not yet know much about the effects of this virus on children or how many can be infected. But close observation and prevention seem to be the most important. Time is not with us

CORONAVIRUS DISEASE (COVID-19) How to protect yourself and others people

How Danger is this virus?
As with other respiratory illnesses, the virus can also show mild symptoms including colds, coughs, sore throats and fever. The infection can be fatal for some people. It can also cause events such as pneumonia, respiratory and organ dysfunction. However, in rare cases the disease is fatal. Older and already ill persons are at greater risk of becoming critically ill as a result of the virus infection.

Should I wear a medical mask?
Medical masks help to keep the spread of other diseases, including corona virus, to a limited extent. However, using it alone is not enough to reduce the infection. Regular hand washing and non-contact with a potentially infected person are the best ways to reduce the risk of infection.

Are children at risk?
People of any age can be infected with the virus. One thing to note, however, is that no casualties have been reported so far in children infected with the corona virus. The virus can be fatal, especially in older people.

However, the virus has an indirect effect on the poorest children in urban areas. These effects include the closure of schools, which have recently been seen in Mongolia.


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