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Co Vaccine Certificate Download pdf and Correction of CoWIN

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Co Vaccine Certificate Download of Covid 19; It is very easy to download the certificate in CoWin vaccine. Register or Sign In for Vaccination, An OTP will be sent to your mobile number for verification. The Co-WIN vaccination certificate has a digitally signed secure QR code. This can be authenticated online using the verification utility in this portal or using third party verification app using the services given below..

Covid Vaccination Certificate How to download using different methods

Provisional Certificate for COVID-19 Vaccination

We recommend the users please read the steps carefully and download the certificate from the government-sponsored apps and website only. The below-given methods are legit and will help you to download the Covid Vaccine certificate.

How to Download Co Vaccine Certificate:

1. Log in to https://selfregistration.cowin.gov.in 

How to Download Co Vaccine Certificate

2. Enter Mobile number and click Get OTP 

How to Download Co Vaccine Certificate
3. Enter OTP (Maximum time 180 Second) and click Verify & Proceed
4. Download Certificate and Printout Certificate 

How to Verify CoWin Vaccine Certificate:

  1. Visit https://verify.cowin.gov.in/
  2. Click on “Scan QR” code
  3. A notification will prompt to activate your device’s camera
  4. Point the camera to the QR code on the bottom right of the certificate issued and scan
  5. Please keep the following points in mind while scanning the QR code
  6. QR code should cover at-least 70%-80% of screen
  7. Complete QR code should be part of camera frame
  8. QR code should be parallel to the camera
  9. Camera should be hold steadily for at-least 5 sec
  10. If camera is unable to read the QR code within 45 seconds, a message - “Camera is not able to read the QR code, please try again” with a try again button will be displayed. Verifier will be required to scan the QR code again following the instructions mentioned in Step 2.
  11. On successful verification, following attributes are displayed on the screen: Message “Certificate Successfully Verified”

Offline verification through third party verifier app

  1. Steps for offline verification:
  2. Access the Co-WIN verification service and code for set up here
  3. Get code snippet for reference and implement
  4. Replace the public key used in code snippet with Public key available here.
  5. Implement the verification service in your apps to scan, read and validate Co-WIN certificates
In case of any adverse events, kindly contact the nearest Public Health Center/ Healthcare Worker/District Immunization Officer/State Helpline No. 1075

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